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Music Meme

This nicked from rivers_bend 

Shuffle meme. 

So here's how it works:
1. Open your music library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc).
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every question, type the song that's playing.
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button.
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool....

OPENING CREDITS God - Prince. Erm... yeah. One of the few Pricne songs I keep meaning to delete from my iTunes.

WAKING UP Full Of Grace - Sarah McLachlan.Possibly a bit of a downer song to wake up to...

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL Love At First Sight - Kylie. Yeah, not really...

FALLING IN LOVE There's A Fine, Fine Line - Original 'Avenue Q' Cast recording. Hahahahahahahaha!

FIGHT SONG Is This What I Get For Loving You - Marianne Faithful. Actually that's a pretty appropriate song.

BREAKING UP We Got Love - Tom Jones. Possibly the least appropriate breaking up song ever.

PROM All The Love In The World - Dionne Warwick.

LIFE It's Too Late - Bette Midler. Damn I *hope* that's not the theme song for my life...

MENTAL BREAKDOWN A Little Of You - The Eurythmics. Yeah, that works pretty bloody well.

DRIVING Giving You Up - Kylie.

FLASHBACK Might Tell You Tonight - Scissor Sisters. Heh, yeah, that works.

WEDDING National Express - The Divine Comedy. Really *not* a wedding song.

BIRTH OF CHILD Never too Late - Kylie. There would be a whole interesting story there if this song did work. Also damn, that's a lot of Kylie already...

FINAL BATTLE Hello In There - Bette Midler. Gosh, in a slightly unexpected way this is a brilliant Final Battle song.

DEATH SCENE Seven Spanish Angels - Ray Charles & Willie Nelson. Hey, a death scene song about dying. Very fitting.

FUNERAL SONG If You Believe - Steps. If you were to have a Steps song at your funeral then this would be pretty much the only one that would actually work.

END CREDITS Big Boned Gal - k d lang. Yeah, I really don't know what that says about my life either...

The Dead Queen Detectives

I now have copies of both The Dead Queen detectives #1 and #2 for sale. They're both £2.00 each and for UK the postage is included (unless you order shedloads and then I might have to charge the cost of postage if it ends up being a package). For US the postage is £3.00 for either one or two copies (slightly more if you order more, but I can confirm that if you let me know how many you want).

If you would like to order any copies either let me know here or e-mail me at Cash, cheque and Paypal are all fine.

Also if anyone wants any commissions the standard prices of £25 for a black and white inked A4 and £35 for a black and white inked A3 still stand, unless you want something very complicated that will take ectra time to draw. Colour pieces depend on what you want. Postage on any commissions will just be however much it costs me (obviously depends on size and weight of the packet and where it's being sent).
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Uncle x4

So my sister had her second little boy on Monday night. All very healthy, no problems with the birth.

The only issue was that they didn't have a name for him. They joked that he was called Hercules Hornslod. 

We told her that regardless of what they decided on that he would always *really* be Hercules.

They've finally chosen a name for him. His first name is Gwion (pronounced Gwee-on, a good proper Welsh name).

His second name is Hercules. Really. He is Gwion Hercules.

My sister and her hubby are simultaneously awesome and insane.
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Wonder Family

I finished off this commission last night and am rather pleased with the result. I was asked for a picture of the Wonder Woman family but with Donna front and centre which is why she's there rather than Diana as you'd normally expect.

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Now that I have pretty much cleared my backlog of Red Nose Day commissions it's now time to go back to earning money to pay for bills and food and suchlike.

Anyway, as such I'm opening the doors to regular commissions again. Standard prices are £25 for an A4 fully inked, £40 for an A3 fully inked. I don't have limits on numbers of characters/subjects exactly, as long as you're not asking something silly. The LSH piece I did with 40+ characters would cost more than the standard £40 A3 obviously, but if you're in doubt then ask. If you're nice then you might get the answer you're after.

If you want different sizes, just pencil sketch or colour work then prices will vary depending on what you're after. For UK postage is included (within reason), for overseas postage is extra but will just be whatever the relevant postage is.

I also have copies of The Dead Queen Detectives for £2.00 each if anyone wants any.
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Fezes Are Cool

Red Nose Day piece again. I was asked to do the Doctor with his fez and mop from The Big Bang, but for the amount that I was sponsored I decide that it also needed the other key players from the story. Turns out that Alex Kingston is an absolute joy to draw but Karen Gillan is really hard to get right. With her I think it's the body language that's key rather than anything else. Had a lot of fun drawing this one anyway.

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(no subject)

Sometimes all you need to do to make something funny is to add some googly eyes to it. 

Also, months ago a takeaway in Manchester got a new window with writing on it. Obviously it says what they sell, burgers, chips and... well...

Surely at some point in the manufacture or installation of the window someone would have gone 'hang on, that doesn't seem right...'. Unless, of course, they really do sell Peri Peri Warps. I dread to think what they might be though.
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(no subject)

Two new Red Nose Day commissions. The first is for Al Ewing who wanted Tura Satana fighting Charles Napier and John Lazar. He's ona  bit of a Russ Meyer kick at the moment....

And this one is for Stacey Frost who asked for Mr Fantastic and the Invisible Woman fighting Galactus. I ended up including the Human torch and the Thing too and in the process discovered that i suck at drawing the Thing. This is also very much a tribute to Mike Wieringo, who is still very missed.

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Star Wars

For this Red Nose Day piece I was asked to draw a mother and her daughter as Han Solo and Leia with R2-D2. It's the first time I've ever drawn any Star Wars characters so I've probably made some unforgivable mistakes in the drawing somewhere. ;)

red nose


The latest Red Nose Day piece. For this one I was just asked for something with Pokemon, so I drew Ash and various pokemons. I did originally plan on including Squirtle too but good Lord it was scary. Really, really not something the world needs to see. Proof if there was any needed that while my style is quite adaptable there are some things it simply does not suit. *shudder*